Sterick Mural


Taylor, Kyle, Donahue, Brandon & Marshall, Brandon



These street-level murals on the exterior of the abandoned Sterick Building at Madison Ave. and Third St. are intended to beautify it and inspire developers to rehabilitate the 29-story structure. Two sets of black panels explain the theme of the mural, stating, “Whether this is your first time visiting  or you have lived here your entire life; there are a few things you will find to be true of Memphis, TN. We are a culturally-diverse, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps, tell-it-like-it-is, straight-from-the-hip, for better or worse, tight knit, grit-n-grind city full of spirited folks who helped build one of the distribution capitals of the world. These murals were inspired by the work, the big ideas, the soulful struggles, and the elbow grease that has made, and is making, Memphis what it is.” This mural was made possible by the collaboration between Kyle Taylor, Brandon Donahue, and Brandon Marshall, along with AXA Equitable and Downtown Memphis Commission. The mural features images of every-day life.