Big Kids


Barzizza, Dorothy Megan (1990-), Bromfield, Hannah (1990-), Burnam, Jessica (1992-), Caldwell, Andrew (1987-), Clotworthy, Laurie (1989-), Conley, Ryan (1991- ), Deere, Justin (1990-) Doolin, Megan (1991-), Flynt, Katherine (1991-), Hebert, Adelaide (1991-), Pate, Sarah (1991-), Payne, Johnathan (1991-), Smart, Graham (1991-), Smith, Jacob (1989-), Rolwes, Natalie (1989-), Williford, George (1991-)



A series of five large figures, lounging on the grass. Graham Smart designed the sculptures while a student in Ben Butler’s public art class at Rhodes College. All 18 students in the class built the sculptures.

Edit: two of the sculptures are damaged and being removed.